MLKP Rojava celebrates the July 19 Rojava Revolution

Afrin will be liberated, said MLKP Rojava.

MLKP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party) Rojava joined the list of parties and groups commending the July 19 Rojava Revolution.

In a written statement MLKP Rojava stated that the tradition of resistance went from Kobanê to Afrin and it will continue till freedom, no matter the price.

MLKP Rojava added: “We celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution with great hope and determination. In this revolution, which is a present from our martyrs, we commend all fighters”.

The statement said: “This revolution abolished the chain of colonialism, the Syrian regime’s oppression against all peoples was disintegrated. Kurdish, Assyrian, Syriac, Circassian, Turkmen, Armenian nations; all religions, beliefs, reached freedom”.

Pointing out that the Rojava Revolution is a women's revolution, the MLKP added that “important steps were taken towards the emancipation of women. A system was established in which women were the freest communities and the women's movements were the most organized”.

The most libertarian, most egalitarian revolution arose for the workers, the laborers, the poor, the women, the young and the children.

The colonialist fascist Turkish state, the enemy of the peoples and freedoms of the region, said the statement “is afraid of the Rojava revolution the most. They saw the presence of Rojava as a threat to their own cause and for this attacked it at any opportunity”.

The statement especially pointed the finger at the “colonialist fascist Turkish state”, which “has done everything to choke the Rojava revolution, which represents hope for humanity”.

MLKP added that “our revolution proceeded with great determination and at a great price, while the attacks against it never stopped. This tradition of resistance goes from Kobanê to Afrin”.

The statement ended by remarking that “the occupying Turkish army and mercenaries will be expelled from Afrin” and added that “hope and the future are actually in the Rojava Revolution. The only way to end colonialism, fascism and occupation is resistance”.