New group takes over the vigil at Sêmelka

For two months now, a vigil has been held around the clock at the Sêmalka border crossing in Rojava. Families are demanding the delivery of the bodies of the guerrillas fallen in an ambush by the KDP.

The Assembly of Martyrs’ Families in Northeast Syria launched a vigil on 5 October demanding the delivery of the bodies of the guerrillas fallen in a KDP ambush in Xelîfan. The vigil at the KDP-controlled Sêmalka border crossing between Rojava and South Kurdistan has become a focus of protest against the KDP's collaboration with Turkish fascism. For two months, various groups have been taking over the vigil around the clock. The families of the martyrs announce that the action will continue until the remains are handed over to them. The families are asking in particular for the delivery of the remains of guerrillas Nesrîn Temir (Tolhildan Raman) and Yusif Îbrahîm (Serdem Cûdî), who came from Rojava.

Members of the Çilaxa District Council took over the vigil on its 62nd day from a group from Tirbespiyê.

In a statement that followed a minute’s silence in memory of the martyrs, Çilaxa District Council Member Selam Ramo reiterated their demand to get the bodies of martyrs, saying, “All people should claim our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for us, and take action to receive their bodies.”

Ramo called on the people of South Kurdistan to hear their voice, to fulfill their responsibilities to the martyrs and support the activists for the handover of the martyrs’ remains.