New podcast by Cay at the Women's Front addresses recent Turkish attacks

The new episode of Cay Break is called: We Are at War and deals with the recent Turkish attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria.

The new episode of Cay Break is called: We Are at War. Produced by Cay at the Women's Front, this series of podcasts discusses issues related to women and the Rojava revolution.

The internationalist women behind the podcast series said of this new episode: "We are at war and the revolution in Rojava and its people are being attacked every day economically, ecologically and psychologically. But also, military attacks by the Turkish state, which have always been part of the warfare against the revolution here, are becoming more and more common and intense. The cities Til Rifaat, Ain Issa, and the Region of Shehba are targeted by artillery and drone attacks on a regular basis. During the last days, the Turkish state has been escalating its attacks intensively and expanding the target area. In the cities of Tirbespi, Qamishlo, Amude and Dirbesiye, several civilians have already been killed and dozens have been injured." 

In the new episode, the women are joined by "a Kurdish friend who explained and analyzed the current situation. She explains the different methods that the Turkish state is using to terrorize the society on an everyday basis. The people here in north-east Syria are being attacked, because they are building up the alternative to an oppressive system, which is giving hope and inspiration to the people of Turkey, Syria and many other places in the world. People are feeling encouraged to put their utopias into practice. This is a threat to the oppressive states, that try to suffocate the revolution of the people."