Occupation forces kidnap 16 civilians in a village of Til Temir

Attacks and crimes against the people of northern Syria continue increasingly.

The Turkish invasion army and allied ISIS/al-Nusra gangs have abducted 16 civilians in Erisha village of Til Temir on Thursday.

Names of some of the abducted civilians are as follows: İsmail Mihemmed, İbrahim Milleqep, Îsmail El Hemo, Xidir El Eli Cemo, Mihemmet El Hemo, Birtiqala etiya, Caziya Elezo, Zemo Elbiyo, Dalya Elezo (15), Ebta Elbiyo, Xidir Cemo.

On the other hand, the occupation forces’ attack on Til Menax village of Til Temir left a Syrian army soldier dead and two others wounded.