One of the patients treated at the dialysis centre in Qamishlo dies after Turkish bombing

Due to the bombing of the dialysis centre in Qamishlo by the occupying Turkish state, one of the 70 patients receiving treatment here has died.

As a result of the Turkish state's bombing of public service areas on 25 December 2023, some centres providing service went out of service. One of them, the dialysis centre in Qamishlo, was providing treatment for 70 patients.

As the dialysis centre was rendered unusable as a result of the bombardment, 65-year-old patient Ehmed Ebdurrehman Xidir, who had been receiving treatment there for 2 years, has lost his life.

Rafee Ebas, the director of Qamishlo Dialysis Centre, said that there were 10 patients who needed kidney flushing 3 times a week, and the lives of these patients were in danger because the centre was out of service.