Outcome of security operations against ISIS in North-East Syria during the first half of 2024

Having made great sacrifices in the fight against terrorism and its supporters, SDF reaffirmed their commitment to continue fighting terrorism and preventing its resurgence, ensuring local and regional security and stability.

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the outcome of security operations against ISIS during the first half of 2024.

The balance sheet released by the SDF includes the following:

During the first half of 2024, ISIS launched numerous attacks in various regions, attempting to reestablish itself. However, in northern and eastern Syria, these terrorist attempts were largely unsuccessful. Our Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were able to thwart most of these terrorist attacks, eliminate many of the terrorists, and capture others.

The threat posed by ISIS terrorist cells is not the only challenge faced by our SDF forces. Our fighters are also engaged in legitimate defense against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, as well as resisting and confronting the mercenaries and militias linked to the Syrian intelligence services.

Despite the ongoing Turkish attacks and the preoccupation of our forces in countering and resisting these attacks, our forces conducted 28 successful security operations supported by the international coalition forces against ISIS cells, thwarting numerous terrorist attacks and dismantling many cells.

Summary of Operations:

Total Operations: 28 supported by the coalition forces.

Operations to Foil Terrorist Attempts: 6

Large-Scale Operations: 3 (in al-Hol camp- Hamrat area in Raqqa- outskirts of Hasakah)

Terrorists captured: 233 terrorists, suspects, and collaborators (85 in Operation Humanity and Security- 82 in the Hamrat area in Raqqa- 40 in the Al-Hasakah suburbs)

Terrorists Killed: 10

Terrorists Killed During Failed Terrorist Operations: 6

Locations of Operations: Al-Hol, Al-Raqqa, Al-Hasakah, Qamishlo, Al-Thaljah, Olus, Al-Shuhail, Al-Hamrat, Al-Boneitel, Dhiban, Tal Hamis, Al-Busayrah, Al-Dashisha, Abu Jarn, Iskenderun, Al-Jardhi, Hawaij Dhiban

Terrorist Operations Thwarted:

January 4: Two terrorists attacked an SDF point in Al-Talja, Al-Shaddadi. Our forces eliminated both.

March 26: A terrorist cell attempting to plant a mine in Dhiban was ambushed. Two terrorists were killed and one was arrested.

March 27: An ISIS cell attempted to target an SDF military site in Raqqa. One terrorist was injured and captured. Two SDF fighters were martyred.

April 25: ISIS members targeted Hassan Al-Hussein Al-Salama and another civilian near Hajin. One terrorist was eliminated, and another was injured and captured.

May 3: A failed assassination attempt on a Deir Ezzor Military Council member in Al-Busayra was thwarted. One terrorist was killed and another was wounded.

June 3: An ISIS car bomb attack in Al-Ezbah regiment, Deir Ezzor was thwarted.

Escape Attempts:

January 16: A missile attack on Al-Sina’a Prison in Al-Hasakah resulted in minor injuries and an attempted escape by ISIS detainees, which was thwarted.

March 26: An escape attempt by two “Cubs of the Caliphate” members from al-Hol camp was foiled. The members, along with a Syrian citizen involved, were captured.

Suicide Attacks and IEDs:

May 10: An ISIS suicide bomber targeted an SDF military point in Al-Shuhail, resulting in 3 SDF fighters martyred and 7 wounded. Syrian regime mercenaries then fired on the medical teams, leading to another SDF martyrdom.

June 4: Two ISIS terrorists were killed while planting an IED on the al-Hasakah-Raqqa Road. The IED was intended to target the coalition forces.

June 21: Two terrorists involved in planting IEDs in Hawaij Dhiban were ambushed and eliminated.

Meticulous Security Operations:

January 7: ISIS leader Muhammad Attiya, aka Abu Mahmoud, responsible for terrorist assassinations, was eliminated in Al-Jarzi, Deir Ezzor.

January 13: A large quantity of weapons and ammunition was seized in Alous, near Al-Shaddadi, intended for targeting our people and joint bases.

January 26: Amer Abboud Al-Ibrahim, aka Abu Abeer, an ISIS collaborator involved in providing weapons, ammunition, and forged documents, was captured in Al-Shahil.

February 22: Sixteen ISIS members and facilitators were captured in al-Hasakah, involved in terrorist attacks and supporting ISIS cells.

March 21: Hussein Nawaf Al-Hussein, responsible for attacks on military forces and civilian institutions, was captured in Albuneital town.

March 23: Samir Khudair Al-Shihan, an ISIS financier, was eliminated in Raqqa.

April: Khaled Al-Khalifa Al-Suhail, an ISIS member since its beginning, was captured in northern Deir Ezzor. Faisal Muhammad Mubarak, aka Abu Muslim Al-Faouri, was also captured.

May 15: Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Qurashi, aka Abu Moaz Al-Kurdi, a long-time ISIS member, was arrested in Qamishlo. Ahmed Thamer Al-Muhammad, a prominent ISIS leader, was also captured.

May 16: Amjad Hassan, aka Abu Zainab, an ISIS cell leader and responsible for the VBIED attack on our SDF point in al Shuhail town, was eliminated in Al-Busayra.

May 17: Two ISIS terrorists linked to Amjad Hassan who was involved in the VBIED attack in al-Shuhail were captured in the Dashisha desert.

May 21: Ayman Abdel Muti, aka Yaqoub Al-Hadidi, a leading ISIS terrorist in Raqqa, was captured.

May 30: Abdullah Muhammad Ibrahim, aka Abu Hisham, involved in smuggling ISIS members, was captured in Abu Jarn, Tal Hamis.

June 3: A dangerous ISIS cell of five terrorists, including senior members Abu Khattab and Abu Hawija, was eliminated in Dahla.

June 12: A terrorist cell of two, including Faisal Ziyad Al-Safad, aka Mishaal Al-Iraqi, was dismantled in Al-Shuhail.

June 15: Two ISIS terrorists, Muhannad Mahjoub al-Madloul, aka Abu Sham, and Saad Mahjoub al-Madloul, aka Abu Saddam, were captured in Iskenderun, Tal Hamis.

Large-scale operations

January 27: In al-Hol camp, Operation Humanity and Security 3, 85 terrorists, facilitators, and suspects were captured, and a Yazidi woman was freed.

January 29: A large-scale security operation in the Hamrat area, east of Raqqa city. The operation began in the early morning hours and resulted in the capture of many criminal and terrorist elements linked to ISIS terrorist cells and Syrian regime mercenaries. Quantities of weapons and ammunition were also seized.

April 20: 38 suspects in ISIS cells were captured, in addition to seizing several weapons and ammunition in their possession, in a large-scale special operation on the outskirts of the city of al-Hasakah. They were planning to carry out terrorist acts against the city’s residents.

As we announce this statistic, we salute the heroes and heroines of the Syrian Democratic Forces for their great sacrifices in the fight against terrorism and its supporters. We also honor the noble stance of our people, particularly those in Deir Ezzor and Al-Hasakah, whose support was strategically crucial to our operations against terrorist cells. We reaffirm our commitment to continue fighting terrorism and preventing its resurgence, ensuring local and regional security and stability.