Over 30 thousand signatures collected in Ain Issa region demanding “freedom for Öcalan”

The signature campaign launched in Ain Issa demanding the physical freedom of Abdullah Öcalan was completed. 30,883 signatures were collected as part of the campaign.


The Ain Issa branch of the PYD (Democratic Union Party) announced in a press statement on Saturday that the signature campaign launched by the North-East Syria People's Initiative for the Freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan since 9 February has been completed in Ain Issa district of Euphrates Canton.

The press statement was read by Sabrî Nebo, Co-Chair of PYD in Girê Spî, to the accompaniment of many citizens, as well as members of Girê Spî Assembly.

The statement said that a total of 30,883 signatures were collected in Ain Issa district and surrounding villages.

The statement emphasised that the cause of oppressed peoples and the Kurdish question can be solved through the physical freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan and called for enhanced struggle to this end.