People in Aleppo salute the Rojava Revolution

Hundreds of people joined the torch march organized for the anniversary of the 19 July Revolution in the neighbourhoods of Şêxmeqsûd and Eşrefiyê in Aleppo.

The people carried photos of the martyrs and opened a banner reading 'The Rojava Revolution is the Women's Revolution’.

The action was organized by Kongra Star and ended with a rally in Martyr Destîna Crossroad. Following a minute silence, the voice recording of President Abdullah Öcalan was played.

Speaking in the action, Kongra Star member Rewşen Myasa said: “The Rojava Revolution is known as the Women's Revolution. Today, women have taken their place in every field of life, from the political to the military one. With the struggle of women, the peoples reached the Democratic Nation. We will continue to fight in the footsteps of the martyrs so that the Democratic Nation project reaches the whole world.”