People in north-eastern Syria demand Öcalan’s freedom

Participants of the campaign launched for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan appeal to the relevant parties to meet their demand and to release Öcalan.

The North and East Syria People's Initiative launched a signature campaign on January 22 in cooperation with the Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Initiative – Syria demanding to end the isolation against Öcalan and secure his physical freedom. The campaign, carried out in all regions of North and East Syria, ended on March 13 after the collection of 2 million 626 thousand 828 signatures.

According to the Freedom for Öcalan Initiative-Syria, the signatures will be delivered to the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT), international law institutions and relevant parties through the Asrın Law Office that represents Öcalan.

The campaign was launched in cooperation with North and East Syrian communes, municipal councils, districts and towns under the motto "The people of North and East Syria call for the lifting of the isolation of Öcalan and his physical freedom."

Speaking to ANHA, campaigners stated that Öcalan should be released because millions of people trust his leadership.

Mehmud Gedo expressed the reason for his endorsement: “I supported the campaign to secure the physical freedom of Öcalan. He has been held in the Imrali prison for 24 years and everyone knows that he is cruelly imprisoned there.”

Gedo said: “Our aim is to convey our voice to international powers and relevant parties. All countries of the world should know that millions of people are calling for Öcalan’s physical freedom.”

Gedo remarked that Öcalan's physical freedom would mark the beginning of a solution to all conflicts and crises in the Middle East. He concluded: “Öcalan serves democracy with his ideas and philosophy.”

Another campaigner, Ehmed Esad, stated that the campaign is an important way to draw attention to the situation of Öcalan and to secure his physical freedom.

A citizen named Ehmed Hec Hisên said that he endorsed the campaign because he thought that the freedom of the people would not be possible without the physical freedom of Öcalan. He said: “Öcalan was arrested after an international conspiracy. All the countries in the world should know that peoples cannot be free without the physical freedom of Öcalan.”

Hec Hisên urged the international community and relevant parties to meet the demand of the campaigners and said that urgent intervention is needed to secure the physical freedom of Öcalan.