People of Afrin protest against Turkish attacks

Demonstrations in protest at Turkey’s genocidal attacks in various parts of Kurdistan continue increasingly.

Hundreds of people from Afrin, who were displaced from their land because of Turkish invasion, have staged a march on Thursday.

The demonstration, promoted by women’s umbrella organization Kongreya Star, protested against the Turkish state’s attacks on South Kurdistan, which targeted Shengal, Maxmur and Medya Defense Zones on Sunday night.

The protest march started from the village of Ziyaret, in Afrin’s Sherawa district, and ended at the Veger Camp.

Kongreya Star administrator Emina Dengeli addressed the crowd here and highlighted the great sacrifices made by the Kurdish people who have been resisting for years. She pointed out that the Turkish state’s genocidal attacks against the Kurds actually sought to avenge ISIS.

Speaking after, Sherawa District Council member Ehmed Sileman condemned Turkey’s attacks and called for increased struggle.

The demonstration was concluded with slogans.