Provocation by ISIS women in Hol Camp

Female followers of the terrorist militia "Islamic State" carried out a short march in the Hol camp and voiced their loyalty to the jihad. Female Islamists are acting with increasing self-confidence.

The female followers of the terrorist militia ISIS in the Hol Camp in the northeast of Syria are provoking more and more action. On Sunday, the female Islamists held in the 7th section of the camp briefly marched up with their black flags to swear their loyalty to the jihad. During the action, they repeatedly chanted the "Takbir" (Allah is greatest). Scenes of children doing the same to their veiled mothers have been published by the Rojava-based ANHA news agency. The images are disturbing and give rise to the thought that a new ISIS generation is growing up in the Hol Camp, which is completely ignored by the international community.

As a result of the ISIS problem not being recognized as a global responsibility, the entire burden, both economically and logistically, as well as in terms of security policy, rests solely on the shoulders of the autonomous administration and the peoples of northeastern Syria - despite the main burden that has already been borne in the fight against the terrorist militia: 52,000 square kilometers of Syria were liberated from ISIS rule by the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) as part of their “Operation Cizire Storm". 11,000 people died and 21,000 fighters were injured.

The demonstration of the ISIS women in the Hol Camp was disbanded early by forces of internal security (Asayish). Today's incident shows once again that Islamists are acting with increasing self-confidence. Only in the middle of last week, security forces thwarted an arson attempt. Three ISIS women from Turkey wanted to set fire to the camp and take advantage of the fire to escape. During searches, dozens of canisters and bottles of gasoline were seized.

For months now there have also been violent incidents in Hol, because Islamist-motivated violence in the camp has increased parallel to the beginning of Turkey's invasion of northern and eastern Syria last autumn, which is contrary to international law. So-called Sharia guards have set up a secret court of justice in which women and men from the camp are sentenced for "misconduct". With a "religious police" (Hisba) they also try to maintain their tyrannical rule. Several people have already been murdered by jihadists.

Hol Camp

The Hol Camp consists of eight areas. In areas one, two and three are people from Mosul who fled from the ISIS in 2014. Area four houses Syrian internally displaced persons. In areas five, six and seven, ISIS jihadists and their relatives are detained and the families of the foreign jihadists are held in the area "Muhajarad" (Emigrants).

Currently, Hol is home to about 66,000 people. The tent city was built by the UNHCR for Iraqi refugees at the beginning of 1991 during the Second Gulf War. After it was closed in the meantime, the camp was reopened during the Iraq war in 2003. Since the dismantling of the ISIS’ territorial rule in spring 2019, it is mainly used to house women and children who previously lived in areas under ISIS control.