PYD expresses support for the guerrilla struggle against Turkish invasion

The Democratic Union Party responded to the KDP-backed attacks of the Turkish state and the Kurdish National Council in Syria (ENKS), expressing their support for “the heroic struggle of the guerrilla forces.”

The General Assembly of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) released a statement in response to the latest wave of Turkish invasion attacks on guerrilla-held Medya Defence Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

“The ENKS claims that we burned their offices and accuses us of terrorism instead of opposing the attacks and genocidal policies of the occupying Turkish state against our people and the freedom guerrillas in cooperation with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). This shows their partnership with our enemies. They always use the language of the enemy and adopt the same attitude,” the statement released on Thursday said.


“The ENKS has not made a statement to criticize the occupying Turkish state which has invaded many parts of Syria and is still a party to the Entente. It is a shame to attack a party that led the revolution at the cost of thousands of martyrs,” the PYD noted and further stated the following:

“The ENKS Secretary General should have stood by his people and adopted a nationalist attitude instead of supporting the ENKS's hostile policies towards the Kurdish people. The Secretary General should have called on the KDP to end its relations with the Turkish state.


The recent attacks on the mountains of Kurdistan are targeting our existence and identity. We have to refuse these attacks with an iron will. We urge the political parties in Kurdistan to take a serious stance against those who target our people.


We reject spying and collaboration; we condemn the shameful attitude of the ENKS. Just as the guerrilla forces supported the Kurdish people in Kobanê, Hewler, Kirkuk, Mahabad and Amed, we will once again support their heroic struggle.

Today is the day to protect our dignity and existence. Our people should stand by the freedom fighters against betrayal and genocide in all four parts of Kurdistan.”