PYD: Turkey plans to settle refugees in occupied areas in Syria

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) said that Turkey plans to settle refugees in the occupied areas under the sponsorship of Muslim Brotherhood associations.”

The General Assembly of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) released a written statement to address the Turkish abuse of the Syrian crisis, its attempts to change the identity of cities and villages, and the colonial houses project in North-East Syria.

The PYD statement released on Monday is as follows:

“The occupying Turkish state has been trying to take advantage of all the complications related to Syria since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. It pursued the policies of recruiting most of the terrorists in the world, spreading extremist ideas, dividing Syrian territories, changing the demographic structure of Kurdish regions, in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, and changing the identities of Kurdish populated cities and villages in order to revive the Ottoman mentality.

In the meantime, the Syrian refugee card is one of the cases used by the Turkish regime as a means of pressure. The Turkish state used this card against European states to gain economic advantage over the Syrian people.


The Turkish regime has recently been trying to exploit the regional powers, parties and international issues for its own interests. The Turkish officials are now talking about sending one million Syrian refugees back. However, they do not want to send them to their native cities. Turkey plans to settle these refugees in the occupied areas under the sponsorship of pro-violence Muslim Brotherhood associations. The international community turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to this situation, which is why the Turkish state considers this as an opportunity to continue escalation of tensions in Syria, to destroy the social structure of Syria, and to continue the acts of terror and destruction against our people in the occupied regions.


We call on the Syrian people to return to their native settlements and not to go and settle in the colonial houses built by Turkey under the sponsorship of Muslim Brotherhood associations. They want to alter the social structure of the Syrian people in order to realize Turkey’s political goals and objectives. We condemn the silence of the international community and the guarantor states towards this fascist policy. We ask the democratic forces in Syria and the world to oppose these dirty projects and the Turkish occupation which creates strife and disintegration among the peoples of Syria.

We call on the patriots in Syria to unite and take a stand in order to frustrate the Turkish regime's plans.

All Syrians must return safely to their own places and estates, and they should not settle in areas inhabited by other components so that our society, with all its constituents, can live in peace and love in a pluralist and decentralized democratic Syria with dignity and freedom.”