Raqqa: Our struggle will continue until invaders are expelled

Condemning the genocidal attacks of the occupation forces, people of Raqqa expressed their solidarity with the military forces defending the region in the Honor Resistance.

People of North and East Syria are increasingly protesting against the attacks of the Turkish forces and allied mercenaries seeking to invade the region.

Hundreds of people joined a demonstration promoted by the Syrian Future Party in the Raqqa city on Wednesday. Speakers in the protest action at the Azadi Square (Al-Naim Roundabout) included Raqqa Civil Council Co-president Mihemed Nûr El-Zîb, Syrian Future Party Organisation Bureau Chairperson Elî El-Hemêdî, notables Ayid El-Hadî and El-Zahir.

Speakers held the international community responsible for the massacres perpetrated in Syria and called for the Turkish state forces and allied mercenaries to be brought to justice before international courts.

Highlighting the Syrian people’s opposition to the invasion of the Turkish state and ISIS/Al-Nusra gangs, speakers condemned the brutal acts of the occupation forces that mainly target women and children.

The speakers expressed the local population’s support for the military forces in the Honor Resistance and promised to keep the struggle going until the invaders are expelled from their lands.