Reconstruction in Raqqa is progressing

From the reopening of the "Old Bridge", which connects the center of Raqqa with the South City, benefited in particular the economic life of the city.

With the reopening of the "Old Bridge" connecting the center of Raqqa with the South City, the construction sector, agriculture and fuel supply are gaining momentum. Raqqa Civil Council’s Economic Committee has succeeded in supplying factories and making an important contribution to the reconstruction of the economy in Raqqa.

One of the factory operators is Ismail Ferhan who explains: "With the help of the Economic Committee, we were able to increase our production. We used to have difficulties with fuel supplies. But now the Economic Committee provides us with our demand for fuel at the right price. As a result of these developments, even those who closed their production facilities are thinking of reopening them. Due to the reopening of the old bridge, we can supply our needs from the city center and all of northern Syria."

As a result of the reopening of ten production sites and construction sites, 500 people who had fled the territory controlled by the Syrian regime were able to find jobs.