Rojava University calls on academic world for support

The Rojava University called on the academic community for support as it continues its preparations for the new academic year.

The Rojava University has begun operating in 2016. It continues preparations for the new academic year.

With more than 20 departments, 210 lecturers and more than a thousand students, the Rojava University continues its preparations for the new academic year and calls on academics and friendly circles to support the Kurdish education institution.

Rojava University co-chair, Dr. Ebdulah Mistefa and Rojava University Foreign Relations officer Gulistan Sîdo talked to ANF.

Mistefa said that the university was forced to switch to online education due to the coronavirus threat and that many academics from different universities around the world supported them, making important contributions to the university despite the difficulties of the online education system.

Mistefa underlined that the academics who gave lectures online provided them with interesting experiences and added: "We have benefited a lot despite all the difficulties. In addition, we realized that we should look at the current situation from a wider window. On this basis, we needed to begin relations with places outside our region."

Mistefa continued: "The opportunity to join the education system of our Rojava University through the online system to anywhere in the world has emerged."

Mistefa said that they will open new departments after the training of the necessary academic staff and confirmed that they invited volunteer academics to Rojava. Likewise, Mistefa invited those who could not go to Rojava to help through online education and call on academics, especially Kurdish ones, to help them using the tools provided by internet.

Call to be launched on 19 July

Gulistan Sîdo, the Rojava University Foreign Relations officer, said that they contacted many academics from different universities around the world during the pandemic process and these academics have responded positively and helped by providing online education.

"We can improve the online education system and benefit from the educational experience of universities in other countries," said Gulistan Sîdo.

Sîdo also announced that on 19 July they will launch a campaign for academic support through the publication of a call on behalf of the Rojava University.