SDF Commander: We are ready to defend Syria together with Damascus forces

Dr. Hüseyin Koçer, a member of) SDF Euphrates Region Command, pointed to the support of the Arab people, saying that “We get our strength from the peoples of the region. There is no other force that we rely on.”

Dr. Hüseyin Koçer, a member of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Euphrates Region Command, said that they are prepared in terms of social organization and war strategy against Turkey’s possible invasion attacks.

Speaking to ANF, SDF commander Dr. Hüseyin Koçer recalled Farhad Shibli, Deputy Chair of the Executive Council of the North-East Syria Autonomous Administration, who was martyred on June 17, 2022, along with his three friends as a result of a Turkish drone attack in the Kelar district of Sulaymaniyah. “The Kurds are leading a new system based on democracy and the freedom of society. With the help of international forces, the fascist Turkish state is pursuing a policy of genocide and war in every place where the Kurdish people exist and fight for their own rights. The Turkish state knows that as long as the Kurdistan revolutionaries exist, the Kurds will aspire to freedom and democracy. For this reason, the Turkish government has aggravated the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. It is escalating its invasion attacks on Medya Defense Zones. It is occupying South Kurdistan and violating Iraqi territorial sovereignty. The governments of Iraq and Kurdistan Region bear responsibility for the martyrdom of Ferhad Shibli.”


Commenting on Turkish President Erdoğan's threats against North and East Syria throughout June, Koçer said, “Every time Erdoğan is backed into a corner in Turkey, he threatens our territories. Now, Turkey is going through multiple crises. Turkey’s society is fed up with the Erdoğan government and its cronies. Each time Erdoğan feels that his situation and position is not ok, he threatens to attack our areas to maintain his rule.”


Koçer pointed out that they have drawn consequences from the developments in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî and train and prepare their military forces against possible attacks now. “We have prepared for a long-term war. Our society also follows developments and sees what needs to be done in a better way. The fighters and people will not leave settlements. There will be resistance at the highest level. We will continue our resistance until the victory of our community is secured. Just as Erdoğan-backed ISIS was removed from these lands, his troops will also be removed.”


Koçer remarked that Erdoğan attempted to invade Syrian soil during the ongoing chaos in Syria. “The peoples of these lands have now organized themselves militarily, politically and administratively and are prepared for all kinds of attacks. This people are not without ideology, organization, faith and power like before. This society has organized itself based on a thought, paradigm, administration, faith, will and has military power.”


The SDF commander noted that they are not against the Damascus forces defending the territory together with the SDF during a possible invasion attack. “The SDF is defending Syria. Under the leadership of the Kurds, the entire society is resisting and fighting to defend the Syrian lands. The administration in Damascus officially says that ‘We will defend Syria’. The Syrian regime did not give support to defend Rojava. As the SDF, we are ready to defend Syria together with the Damascus administration. We, the peoples of Syria, are brothers and sisters. The forces of the Damascus administration are currently present in many regions of our country, we exist side by side. The Damascus administration should also respect the Autonomous Administration and the SDF, which represent the will of the peoples in the region. Attacks on Syrian territory will become more intense, and it should recognize this will so that we can defend our lands together. It would be better if an agreement over joint defence between the SDF and the Damascus administration is hammered out. We have been defending our regions since the beginning of the Syrian revolution. Our door is open to any force that wants to defend the Syrian lands and peoples if they respect the SDF and the Autonomous Administration, which represent the will of the peoples here.”


Koçer also noted that the Arab people and tribes living in Manbij, Raqqa, Tabqa and other areas have recently organized demonstrations in many areas to express their support for the SDF. “The Arab people and tribes are our strength. We get our strength from our people, which is to say from the peoples of the region. There is no other force that we rely on. Our main strength is our people living in our region. When they organize such actions and increase their participation in the SDF, we get strength. We will further enlarge our forces, strengthen Syrian’s defence and wherever there is a need, we will defend it.”