‘SDF has not carried out any action, but Turkey's attacks will not go unanswered’

Ferhad Shami refuted Turkey’s claims that the SDF attacked them and stated that the plans of attacks were exposed with the halt of joint patrols by Russia and the Turkish occupation state.

The attacks by the Turkish occupation state against the regions of North and East Syria with artillery and armed UAVs have recently increased. Since this morning, the Turkish occupation army has been carrying out indiscriminate shelling against the city and countryside of Kobane, villages in Dirbesiye district, Tel Tamir and Zirgan in Heseke canton, the Amude district in Qamishlo canton and villages in occupied Afrin canton’s Sherawa district. The shelling which has been ongoing since this morning has resulted in deaths and injuries among local people.

Ferhad Shami, the Spokesperson of the Press Office of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), spoke to ANHA regarding the indiscriminate attacks and the accusations made by the Turkish occupation state that the SDF attacked them. Shami stated that the presence of the Damascus government in the places subjected to shelling has not prevented the attacks carried out by Turkey.


Ferhad Shami stated that the Turkish occupation state has been preparing itself for an attack against the regions of North and East Syria for a whole week. “They have been making movements, especially along the border line such as Kobane, Shehba etc. We had an observation that the Turkish state wants to carry out at least one attack. They were making preparations for an attack with howitzers, tanks and artillery. And it goes without saying that they have halted their patrols with the Russians for the last 15 days. It thus became obvious that they wanted to carry out an attack. Simultaneously, the media and press of the invaders have been present along the border line. It is as if they wanted to mold public opinion as if people were fleeing.”


Shami confirmed that their forces will not remain silent towards the ongoing attacks and continued: “We have previously stated that absolutely no attacks by the Turkish occupation state will go unanswered. Civilian locations such as the hospital and people’s homes are being directly targeted at the moment. One of their goals is to displace civilians. For this reason, we call on our people to remain where they are and be furious against the occupation. One hundred percent, these attacks will be retaliated in the framework of legitimate self-defense.”


Shami continued by refuting Turkey’s accusations that the SDF attacked them and noted: “The reports spread by the Turkish occupation state’s media that the SDF has attacked them are all lies. They are provocations carried out by the MIT (Turkish intelligence service). The SDF has not carried out any actions and the SDF are not present in the regions they have mentioned.”


Ferhad Shami also drew attention to the presence of forces from Russia and the Damascus government in the targeted areas and added: “Russia has several observation posts in the areas under attack, such as western Kobane. Of course, the silence of Russia is encouraging the Turkish state. Russia must take a firm stance against these attacks. The presence of the Damascus government forces in the areas subjected to shelling has not prevented the attacks by the Turkish state. The current wave of attacks comes at a time when the Turkish occupation state’s intelligence service is holding meetings with the Damascus government. This raises doubts and questions.”