SDF: Hol camp will be safer after Operation Humanity and Security

The SDF released details of Operation Humanity and Security in Hol camp.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) published details of Operation Humanity and Security in Hol camp. 

The statement said: "The joint operation forces (Internal Security Forces – Syrian Democratic Forces – Women’s Protection Units) have launched the third phase of Operation Humanity and Security to cleanse the al-Hol (Hol) camp from the ISIS terrorist cells and prevent the spreading of ISIS extremist ideologies in the future.

The first day of the operation was highly successful, with 21 ISIS operatives captured and terrorist materials seized. Additionally, numerous IEDs, mines, explosive materials, and tunnels were uncovered."

The statement continued: "These procedures underscore the critical need for the timing of the third phase of Operation Humanity and Security to eliminate the terrorist threat within the camp, preventing ISIS from escalating its terrorist acts and creating a safer area for eastern Syria and the rest of the world.

During the second and third days, the forces captured ten terrorist elements and seized weapons and ammunition, including explosive belts prepared for major terrorist acts."

The statement added: "After a short pause for several hours, the forces resumed the cleansing operation. Over the past two days, we successfully cleared another area. We found buried weapons that supplied ISIS terrorists, including firearms, ammunition, and hand grenades. These confiscated materials were the reason behind conducting this security operation."

The statement underlined that "as an initial outcome of operations over seven days, 37 ISIS terrorists were captured, numerous mines and weapons were seized, and many tunnels used to conceal terrorists and weapons were demolished.

To ensure the success of the operation and remove the threat to civilians, the operation forces have established a secure site to accommodate residents during the cleansing operations. Despite calls from the camp administration to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide makeshift tents during the cleansing process, the NGOs have failed to fulfill their role and provide the camp with adequate resources to alleviate the suffering of its inhabitants. To be clear, there is no sufficient support from NGOs."

Operation Humanity and Security, concluded the statement, "is a strict security and cleansing procedure. We conduct it within the camp safely to ensure it does not pose a threat to any other community. We emphasize that we do not tolerate extremism and seek to prevent ISIS from spreading its terrorist ideology to the rest of the world.  We are committed to making al-Hol camp and the world a safer place."