Third day balance of Turkish aggression on North East Syria: phosphorus bomb used

The Syrian Democratic Forces say that in the Turkish state's attack on Northern and Eastern Syria, 13 civilians and 8 fighters were killed. Turkey dropped a phosphorus bomb on Shera and bombed a school in Kobanê.

For the third day in a row, the Turkish occupation is launching a large-scale aggression against the regions of the north and eastern Syria, using aircraft, UAVs, heavy artillery, tanks, and missiles, targeting civilian infrastructures and service facilities, such as hospitals, oil wells, homes, and civilians’ properties. Today’s outcome of the Turkish aggressions in the regions of North and East Syria is as follows:

Aircraft airstrikes: 6 airstrikes

UAV airstrikes: 6 airstrikes

Heavy artillery, tanks, and missiles: 82 attacks

The number of shells landed: 590 artillery shells

The number of sites targeted: 45 sites, including hospitals, gas stations, and oil fields.

The number of chemical attacks: one attack with chemical weapons against the village of Tat Marash, Afrin’s southern countryside.

The outcome in detail:

Al-Shehba’s areas:

43 attacks targeting more than 36 sites and villages using more than 570 shells.

The areas targeted: Sheikh Isa Ziwan Harbal, Ahras Road, Sammouka, Tal Madik, Mannig, Beilonia, al-Shahba’a Dam, Tal Chichan, Tal Annab, al-Wahshia, Mannig airfield. and Kafar Naya.


Two soldiers from Damascus government forces were killed and two others injured.

Kobanê and its countryside:

One airstrike targeted Kobanê downtown.

The number of attacks: 9 attacks

The area targeted: “Silam, Koltib, Saftik, Qaramoug and its health center, Zor Magar, Zayara, Charaqli, Koran school.”

Afrin southern countryside:

The number of attacks: 16 attacks

Shells landed: 20 shells

Casualties: One of the Damascus Government soldiers was killed.

The number of chemical attacks: One attack with phosphorus bombs on the village of Tat Marash, Sheran/Shera district.

Villages targeted: “Bina/Ibyan, Mayasa, the region located between the villages of Mayasa and Burj al-Qas, Zayara, the outskirt of the Iranian base in Bina, between Irshadia, Alkamia and its gas station, al-Malkiya, Shwarga, and Maranaz”.

Manbij and its countryside:

The number of aggressions: 2 attacks

Villages targeted: al-Muhsinly and al-Housharia. The eastern and northwestern parts of Manbij witnessed UAV flights.

Hesekê and its countryside:

The number of the UAV airstrikes: 4 airstrikes, including one raid on a combined base of the SDF anti-terrorism units (YAT) and the International Coalition, and two raids on the village of al-Oja.

Heavy artillery, tanks, and missiles: 2 attack

Areas targeted: A combined base of the anti-terrorism units and the international coalition, Tal Tamir countryside, Zarkan countryside, and Um al-Khir.

Casualties: Two fighters from the anti-terrorism unit (YAT) were martyred and three others injured

Qamishlo and its countryside:

Two UAV airstrikes, the first one targeted the Aouda oil field and the other one targeted an oil field near Laylan village, 7 km to the southwest of Terpe Spi town.

The number of attacks: 10 attacks  

Casualties: One soldier of the Damascus Government forces was shot and injured by a Turkish sniper near the Nusaybin-Qamishlo border crossing 

Villages targeted: Tal Ziwan, Kardahoul, Toki, Tal Kif, Dodan, Ali Faro Crossroad, Dakri, Rotan, and Karki Shamo

Deir Ezzor countryside:

The Turkish occupation aircraft launched five raids on the village of Al-Makmen in Deir Ezzor, 70 km from the Syrian-Turkish border.