SDF’s Abdi: The Turkey-Russia deal is not agreed by us

SDF Commander General said that the Turkish state continues to violate the ceasefire.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Commander General Mazlum Abdi spoke about the talks with Russian and Syrian officials and the agreement reached between Turkey and Russia on northern Syria.

Commenting on the ceasefire agreement mediated by the US, Abdi said: "We agreed to the cease-fire agreement. We did not create a new alliance with anybody. Cease-fire is not respected by Turks. It is true that the fighting is not intensive as it used to be. But Turkey is not abiding by the deal."

Referring to the talks between other parties, Abdi said; "The ongoing talks are about the fate of our people. The memorandum of understanding by Russia and Turkey is not agreed by us. We will discuss this."

Abdi said they talked to Russians and told them that they appreciated their efforts to end the conflict, adding; “But the agreement between Russia and Turkey is not in interest of our people."

The SDF Commander added; "We have our own plans as well. There are terms that we will agree and there are terms that we will not. We are continuing to discuss these in details.”