Six SDF fighters who fell as martyrs in Turkish bombing of Hol Camp laid to rest

Six SDF fighters who were killed as a result of the Turkish state's bombing of the Hol Camp were buried in Til Hemis and Shedade.

Five Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters who were killed as a result of the Turkish state's bombing of the Hol Camp, where ISIS mercenaries and their families are held, on 23 November, were buried in Til Hemis and one in Shedade.

Hundreds of people in Til Hemis and its villages attended the funeral of SDF fighters Hisên Ehmed Dawûd (Lorens Metlûte), Fehid Racid Hedmol (Siwar Xasan), Ebdulcelil Baha Mihemed (Jiwan Hol) and Newaf Fewaz Xelil (Elişêr), and Selmo Mihemed Deham, a Self Defense Forces fighter who fell as a martyr in Derik on 22 November.

At the ceremony, SDF commander Xalid Îsa, Til Hemis Martyr Families Council member Hemze Ehmed and Til Hemis Democratic Society Academies Board Member Ebdulselam Casim made speeches and offered their condolences to the families of the martyrs.

The speakers said that all imperialist powers united to defeat the democratic nation project in Rojava, but the imperialists were defeated thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs. "Our people are sending a clear message to the enemies. “We are the owners of this land and we will never give it up.”

Hundreds of people in Shedade also marched to the Shedade cemetery to bid farewell to SDF martyr Etiye El Dewas. A military ceremony was held in front of the cemetery. Later, Zehra El Ehmed, a member of the Martyrs' Families Council, said that the SDF gives martyrs every day so that the people can live in dignity and peace.

Ewde El Hisên, Commander of the Shedade Military Council, emphasized that they will follow the path of the martyrs and protect the gains of the people of Northern and Eastern Syria.