Syriac Union Party: We will not allow another genocide

"Turkey seeks to take on the legacy of the Ottoman Empire and cause further massacres in Rojava. However, we will not allow another genocide," said Bitris Bişrix of the Syriac Union Party.

In the northern Syrian city of Serêkaniyê in the canton of Hesekê, activists have been protesting for eleven days as "human shields" against the threats of the Turkish state to invade the self-governing areas of northern and eastern Syria.

The activists were on Saturday visited by Syriac Union Party Executive Member Bitris Bişrîx who commended the collective resistance of the region’s peoples against the occupation ambitions of Turkey.

Bişrîx said; “Today is an important date as all peoples in northern and eastern Syria stand against Erdoğan, who is attacking our region and trying to revive the ISIS.”

Bişrix remarked that the Turkish state under the AKP government seeks to take over the legacy of the Ottoman Empire and carry out further massacres against the peoples of Syria. "Yet we will not allow another genocide. What happened in Afrin will not be repeated. As the Syriac Unity Party, we are attached to the resistance against the threatened occupation by Turkey. the Syriac, Chaldean and Assyrian peoples will resist any possible invasion," Bişrix announced.