Teachers and students in Til Rifat protest the Turkish massacre

Teachers and students in Til Rifat, where the Turkish army massacred 8 children on Monday, called on UNICEF and human rights organisations to protect the lives of children and civilians.

Thousands of people from Afrin were displaced by the Turkish invasion of their hometown and then moved to the neighboring Shehba Canton. Genocidal attacks of the Turkish state have targeted them in Shehba too. 10 civilians, 8 of them children, were killed in a Turkish shelling in the Til Rifat town on Monday, and 10 others were wounded, including children.

Teachers and students in Til Rifat took to the streets today and called for international action to stop the genocidal attacks of the Turkish state.

A press statement read by Rosêl Ebdilhemid said the following; “The screams of Shengal’s women, and of the victims of Kobane, Afrin and Serekaniye massacres are heard now in Til Rifat. The Turkish state carries out attacks and perpetrates massacres in any place where there are Kurds. The massacre committed in Til Rifat will be written on the dark pages of the Turkish state’s history. We condemn the massacres. International organisations, UNICEF in the first place, should finally take action to stop these attacks. We as the teachers and students in Til Rifat condemn the inhumane massacres that target children.”