Third water station put into service in Deir ez-Zor

Sheife's main drinking water station in Deir ez-Zor Canton was put into service. Sheife station, the third station put into service, together with Qele and Siwêr stations, will provide drinking water to 50 citizens.

The General Water Administration of Deir ez-Zor Canton of Northern and Eastern Syria started the repair of the main drinking water station in the Sheife town in the east of Deir ez-Zor last March and renewed the main and other subsidiary water networks.

The Autonomous Administration repaired the generator of the water pump and installed two new water pumps with a capacity of 160 square meters and a power of 22 square meters per hour in one hour.

Besides Qele Station and Siwer Station, Sheife town station was the third station to be repaired.

In addition to the repair works at Sheife Station, 8 thousand meters of pipes in different shapes were laid. Thanks to this, approximately 30 citizens in the 24th, Zehre, Hawî, Etes neighborhoods and Aşağı streets will benefit from drinking water.

Residents of Sheife district were having difficulty accessing drinking water due to problems with the water network and generators. These steps taken to improve infrastructure are aimed at providing drinking water to citizens.

Deir ez-Zor Canton Democratic Autonomous Administration provides these services within the scope of implementation of the decisions taken in the final declaration of the Congress on Strengthening Security and Stability held on 22 October 2023.