Turkey guilty of crimes against civilians

The Turkish state and its mercenary allies continue their invasion attacks on northern and eastern Syria, and continue to violate all international and ceasefire agreements carrying out crimes against humanity and war crimes.

According to reports of human rights organizations in northern and eastern Syria, at least 478 civilians have been killed, 1,700 civilians injured, 300,000 civilians emigrated and 810 schools were closed as a result of the occupation attacks.

No aid from human rights organisations

Evin Cuma, co-chair of the Human Rights Organization of the Jazira region, told ANHA that the migration caused by the Turkish state attacks on the northern and eastern Syrian regions is provoking a humanitarian crisis and added: “All displaced people need urgent help. They don't have basic needs. However, although the situation of the displaced people is very bad, human rights organizations have not provided any assistance so far.”

Crime evidences will be submitted to international court

The “Syrian National Army” composed by ISIS / Al-Nusra mercenaries linked to the Turkish state have carried out many war crimes and crimes against humanity in Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, when they took them over. Evin Cuma emphasized that the Human Rights Organization of Cizre region is documenting the violations of the Turkish state. “We evaluate the legal status of the people who were forced to leave their houses. We are carrying out the necessary work to bring their complaints to the international courts, to fulfill their demands and to help them return to their homes.”

Cuma, who called on people to return to their homes, said that everyone who committed crimes against civilians should be punished.

Cuma also called on international human rights organizations to help displaced people and added: “The mercenaries in the Turkey-linked Syrian National Army have carried out massacres against civilian population and should therefore be included in the international terror organisations list.”