Turkey’s gangs seize 3500 olive trees in occupied Afrin

Turkish army and jihadist gangs under Turkish command continue breaching all international laws in the regions they have occupied in North-East Syria enjoying an international silence against their war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The Turkish state and allied mercenaries continue their crimes and inhuman acts in the territories they have invaded in Rojava.

The Turkish-backed Semirqand mercenaries have seized as many as 3500 olive trees belonging to local people in the village of Kafr Safra, in Jindires district of Afrin.

According to reports from the ground, a man named Resid Ibis, who had his 800 trees seized by the gangs, lost his life after his trees were cut down.

The Turkish invasion of Afrin began on 20 January 2018. After about two months of resistance against the second largest NATO army, the defense units decided to withdraw in order to prevent further massacres of the civilian population. Afrin has been occupied since 18 March 2018, since when attacks against civilians, nature and historical sites have been increasing by the day.

The nature of Afrin was also not spared from the oppression of the occupying forces. This massive environmental destruction went hand in hand with devastating economic effects on the region and its people. Since the occupation, over 315,000 trees have been cut down and sold as firewood, including 300 rare and ancient olive trees, 15,000 oaks and more than 11,000 forest trees. More than a third of 33,000 hectares of agricultural land in Afrin has been set on fire.