Turkish army bombs civilian settlements in North-East Syria

The Turkish army is escalating bombardment of residential districts in Ain Issa, Til Temir and Manbij regions of North and East Syria.

Civilian settlements in Til Temir, Ain Isa and Manbij have been subjected to fierce Turkish attacks.

On August 16, Turkish fighter jets targeted the Til Temir Military Council as the villages of Ain Issa and Manbij were bombed with howitzers and mortars.

The villages of Mieleq, Seyda, Dibis, Hoşan and Xalidiyê and the M4 international highway near Ain Issa have been attacked by the Turkish state for days.

The rural areas of Manbij were also bombed almost continuously for the past week.

The villages of Seyada, El Cemûsiyê, Mezraet el Dilwan, Yasin el Ereb, Qirt Weran, Girhuyuk, El bû Heyc, Um Edese, Kawikli, El Boxaz, El Yalani, Toxar, Erîma, Hoşeriyê, Um Miclud, Dendenliyê, Mezraet of El Fawaris in the northeast and south of the city as well as the fields in El Fazris area are particularly being targeted by the Turkish forces.

At least 211 mortars and howitzers were fired on the targeted settlements in the last week. Many houses, gardens and farmlands were damaged during the attacks.