Turkish drone attack on Menagh Military Air Base

The Menagh Air Base in Syria has been the target of a suspected Turkish drone attack.


A suspected Turkish combat drone has bombed the Menagh military air base in Syria. The attack on Sunday caused an unknown amount of material damage. According to a reporter from the Kurdish news agency Hawarnews (ANHA), the target of the attack was a checkpoint of the Syrian regime troops.

The Menagh air base is located on the outskirts of the village of Minix (also known as Minaq or Minnigh), a few minutes' drive north-east of Tel Rifat in the canton of Shehba-Afrin. The area is controlled by the Syrian army and is repeatedly targeted by the Turkish army and its affiliated jihadist militias.

Other areas in Afrin and Shehba, where Syrian soldiers are present, are also regularly bombed by Turkish occupation forces. A week ago, a combat drone attacked a village not far from the airfield in Minix. The target was a base of the Syrian Arab Army, but it was missed.