Turkish-Russian patrol kills a civilian, injures five others

People protesting against the Turkish-Russian patrol were attacked.

The joint patrol of Turkish and Russian forces in Derik and Girkê Legê areas of the Qamishlo Canton, in northern Syria, was met by protests of the people.

While the local people threw strones on the convoy, Turkish vehicles run over and killed a young man by the name of Serxwebûn Ali. Five other civilians were injured in the attack.

Serxwebûn Ali came from Til Jamal village of Girke Lege.

Those wounded in the attack, who are reported to be in stable conditions, are; Bahoz Çelo from the village of Dêrna Axê, Fehed Mûsa and Sûhêl Ebdellah from Girke Lege, and Eyîşa Omer and Alaa Omer from the Mistefawiyê village.