Turkish state targets Ain Issa with cluster bombs

The invading Turkish state once again targeted Ain Issa with cluster bombs with complete impunity.

According to the information received, Seqir Restaurant, Ain Issa camp, M4 Highway and the villages of Xalidiyê and Mielek, one kilometer west of the city, were bombed by the invading Turkish state at around 9.30 am local time. It was reported that banned cluster munitions were also used in the attack. More detailed information could not be obtained so far.

On 15 September, cluster bombs were used around Ayn Isa, and two civilians were injured in the attack. The Turkish state carries out war crimes and attacked civilians almost on a daily basis.

Cluster bombs

Cluster bombs, which are prohibited by international conventions, especially the Oslo Convention, which entered into force on 1 August 2010, have been used often by the Turkish state. They were used against civilian settlements and guerrilla areas many times before, especially in South Kurdistan. Cluster bombs also killed or injured many people.

These bombs pose a long-term danger as they may not explode when dropped. According to Handicap International, cluster bombs killed at least 149 people in 8 countries and territories in 2018. A total of 26 countries and regions still have remnants of these bombs.