Victim of vile torture in Afrin speaks out

Civilian M.E. was abducted by Turkish soldiers and their allied gangs in Afrin and subjected to vile torture for 3 months.

The invading Turkish state and their allied gangs have been plundering Afrin since they occupied the city, and continue their vile attacks against the civilian population. Testimony by an Afrin resident who managed to get out of the city despite the threat to his life showcase the vile torture by invaders.

M.E., who is from Afrin wishes to remain anonymous as he still has family in the city, returned to the city after the occupation in the hopes that he could maintain his home and property in the city. He was met with violence instead.


On the fifth day of his return to the city, M.E.’s home was raided by invading Turkish soldiers and he was taken to a torture statin in handcuffs. His family didn’t hear from him for 3 months, as he was subjected to severe torture.


M.E. still has signs of torture on his body. He said: “They would put thick ropes around our necks and pull them tight. They would put a funnel in our mouths and pour down water, to the point where we almost drowned. We wanted the release of death because of the torture we endured.”


M.E. said the gangs who questioned him under torture took 300.000 Syrian liras from him: “They said I would spend 5 to 10 years in prison in Turkey. They asked me if I could leave the city, otherwise they would take me to Turkey. They asked for a million Syrian liras to let me leave Afrin.”

The gangs gave M.E. his phone back so he could ask his family for the money: “I called my brother, I told him to sell off anything I had and bring a million liras so I could get out of this torture. My brother sold my house and then gathered the rest from our relatives.”


M.E. said other residents were subjected to similar tortures: “People who own farmlands in Afrin don’t have the right to plant them, or make money of them in any way. The gangs control everything. Gang groups continuously abduct civilians and torture, said M.E., and the bodies of those who die under torture are thrown out to empty lots.

M.E. said all civilians want to be free from the physical and psychological torment they are subjected to, but they don’t have money to give to gangs.