Vigil launched in Kobanê against Turkish invasion attacks continues on its third day

The vigil launched in Kobanê against the Turkish invasion attacks continues on its third day.

The vigil carried out in the tent set up in Kobanê on Sunday to demand the end of the repeated attacks carried out by the Turkish state continues on its third day.

Two delegations from Qena and Sirin districts are expected to visit the tent today.

On the second day, two delegations from Şêran and Çelebiyê districts of the Kobanê Canton visited the action.

Democratic Union Party (PYD) Şêran District co-chair, Ezîz Hec Mehmud, demanded that a serious stance be taken against the invading Turkish state's attacks on the region.

Mehmud underlined that the only way to neutralize the attacks is the unity of the peoples.

Speaking during the visit, Şêran District Council co-chair, Lutfiye Silêman, said: "The main purpose of the attacks is to destroy the democratic nation project in the region. When the Turkish state is defeated in the mountains of Kurdistan, it takes revenge on the civilians."