"We will fight to the end against the killing of our children"

On 2 December 2019, 10 Kurdish civilians, 8 of them children, were killed and 10 were injured as a result of an attack on Til Rifat, Shehba, carried out by the occupying Turkish state.

People in Hesekê organised marches and protests against the massacres carried out by the Turkish state and called on the international community and institutions to take their responsibility.

Children are targeted

Beyan Ebdo, who joined the march against the Turkish state with his wife and children, said: "The history of the Turkish state is full of massacres of children and civilians. Today, the Halabja Massacre was repeated with the massacre at Til Rifat. This is not the first massacre we suffered at the hands of the Turkish state. There have been other massacres. In Serêkaniyê, they used forbidden weapons with phosphorus to burn our children. Children are being targeted."

Reaffirming their support to those who fight in the front against the invaders, Beyan Ebdo said: "We do not want our children to die. We will struggle to stop these massacres until the last drop of our blood."

Where is the right to live of these children? 

Hejar Mehmud said that the fascist Turkish state was not content with having forced the children and civilians out of Afrin. "We left Afrin so that children were not massacred. What was the sin of these children and these people? Are they not entitled to life?"

Call to the international community

Fêhîma Ehmed, who pointed out that the Turkish state has been targeting and killing civilians since the Ottoman period, underlined that they would never accept Turkish fascism and that they would fight until the end.

Emphasizing that the civilians who had to leave their houses because of the attacks carried out by the Turkish state against Afrin were massacred in Til Rifat, Ehmed added: "The international community and Western countries should fulfill their responsibility at a time like this."

‘We are not afraid of the invaders’

Hemid Cemil Hesen, father of 9 children, pointed out that the Turkish state has been carrying out massacres since the past: "Erdoğan is killing our children. As Kurdish people, we have been subjected to these attacks repeatedly thrhough history. We will fight against the invaders until only one remains. Erdoğan, tanks and guns will not break our determination and will. We're not afraid of the invaders. We will resist until the end."