"What's Turkey doing here?"

The Turkish state continues to attack the civilian population in northern Syria in order to depopulate the region and expand its zone of occupation. The US and Russia, under whose aegis the ceasefire agreement was signed, are just watching.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by the Turkish invasions in Northern Syria. The attacks of the occupying forces on the civilian population are continuing even less than a year after the invasions in Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) and Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) last October. Turkey wants to expand its occupation zone and depopulate the region. To this end, various methods are being used.

In order to stop the attacks on the civilian population, ceasefire agreements have been agreed with Russia and the US as guarantor powers, but the Turkish state is not complying with them. One of the villages affected by the attacks is Til Leben in the west of Til Temir. The neighboring village of Erbiyîn is already occupied.

Ehmed Silêman from Til Leben describes the situation in his village as follows: "The misery began when the ISIS came. We had no more water and bread and the power supply was cut off. Today the occupying gangs are here, and the situation has worsened even more. The Turkish state and its jihadists are even worse than the ISIS."

For more than ten months there has been no electricity and water in the village, Silêman says and continues: "When Erbiyîn was occupied, we had our electricity cut off. To fix the problem, we went everywhere. We even went to the Russians, who act as a protective power for the Syrian government. But it was all to no avail."

The village and its surroundings are attacked every day by the Turkish and Jihadist occupation forces, notes Ehmed Silêman: "The land on which we live belongs to the people of Syrian. What is Turkey doing here? We want these attacks to stop immediately.”

Ibrahim al-Xidir, another local resident, says that not only in Til Leben, but also in dozens of other villages the power supply is interrupted: "We wanted to lay a line from our neighboring village Guziliyê, but the jihadists did not allow it. Since the occupiers came here, our whole life has been disrupted. There is no security and we cannot cover our daily needs."