Young Kurdish woman abducted in Afrin ransomed

Kurdish women in Afrin are kidnapped on charges of being affiliates with the former Kurdish administration.

Afrin Human Rights Organisation reported that Shirin Mohammad Zini had been kidnapped by the Turkish Intelligence Agency, MIT, aided by the so-called "Military Police" from her home, located at Marateh Roundabout in Afrin, on Sat 21st March, 2020.

The organisation said that Shirin, aged 21, who comes from the village of Kakhreh, in Mabata district was abducted with her baby on the Kurdish New Year's Day, a short while after her detained husband, Hammoda Waqqas, had been released.

"After spending four days in a "Military Police" detention centre inside Afrin, where she was held with many other Kurdish women, Shirin was set free after 150,000 Syrian pound ransom was paid," said Afrin Human Rights Organisation, citing a local source.

According to the organisation, Shirin and other Kurdish women were kidnapped on charges of being affiliates with the former Kurdish administration- a cheap pretext used to hold Kurdish men for ransom and women for sex slavery.

“All these dirty scare tactics are systematically orchestrated by Turkish MIT, the Grey Wolves and their Syrian mercenary Turkmen and Sunni Arab factions to cleanse the area of the remaining native Kurds, through humiliation, appropriation of property, torture, impoverishment, physical and sexual abuses,” said the Afrin Human Rights Organisation.