60 more people kidnapped in Afrin

Turkish armed forces and allied jihadist mercenaries have kidnapped 60 people in Afrin.

Cases of looting, torture, plundering and abduction are on the rise since the invasion of Afrin city by the Turkish state and allied Al-Nusra, ISIS and FSA gangs.

The invaders have kidnapped hundreds of residents who remained in the city and its villages after the invasion. Turkish forces and mercenaries are entering houses, torturing and abducting people all together.

According to information provided by local sources in Afrin, the invading forces have kidnapped some 60 people in the village of Dargirê in Afrin’s Mabata district.

Local sources report that Turkish forces and gangs encircled the village at around 04:00 Friday morning. Entering the village with armored vehicles, the invaders abducted 60 people, mostly from Eliko family.

The mercenaries that entered the village were reportedly wearing ISIS clothes, they forced people into cars and took them away, and their whereabouts is not known.

Names of some of those abducted by the invaders are; Nazmi Ehmed Eliko, Sebri Ehmed Eliko, Mihemmed Ömer Eliko, Xelil Ömer Eliko, Ciger Ömer Eliko, Reşid Ehmed Eliko, Kawa Reşid Eliko, Şiyar Nezir Hemal, Mihemmed Fethi Hemal, Eziz Menan Mistefa, Emin Eziz Menan, Mihemmed Menan Mistefa,Emîn Wello (Sêvîn ismiyle tanınıyor), Şiyar Mihemmed Menan, Bezat Mihemmed Sileman, Arif Cemil Arif. Eshed Mistefa Yusif, Ehmde Mihemmed Eliko.