Afrin Liberation Conference's outcomes shared with villages

Delegates from the Afrin Liberation Conference collect suggestions and proposals

The Delegates of the Afrin Liberation Conference continue to organize meetings in Shehba to share the results of the conference they held last wee and to receive opinions, views and suggestions from people. 

The conference delegates met  with hundreds of people from the Weshee, Teane, Cobe and Nerabiye villages.

The conference's final declaration was read to the people who also listened to a summary of the debates held at the main conference . 

The conference delegates greeted the resistance of the people of Afrin and the YPG and YPJ fighters, and reiterated that the resistance will be continuing until the final goal, i.e. the liberation of Afrin is achieved.

The conference delegates adopted a self-criticism attitude with respect to the military and civilian institutions in Afrin in order to overcome the shortcoming and mistakes experienced before.

As the meeting continued, the public expressed their views and suggestions for overcoming the shortcomings.