"Afrin's occupation is a threat to all peoples of Syria"

A statement by the TEV-DEM on the genocidal attacks and looting campaigns of the Turkish occupying army and its jihadist aid workers on Afrin said: "The occupation of Afrin poses a danger to all the peoples of Syria."

The Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) reported that the resistance of the people of Afrin and the militants of the People's Defense Units against the occupiers' plundering and plundering campaigns continues. "The Turkish state, despite its barbaric attacks, will not succeed in preventing the people's unique resistance," the statement said, pointing out that the occupation of Afrin poses a threat to all peoples of Syria.

"Erdoğan intends to annex the region, much as it did 100 years ago. The raising of the Turkish flag in Afrin and the intention to establish the Turkish language and the administrative system pose a threat to security and a solution to the hostilities.

All the political institutions united under the umbrella of the TEV-DEM support the resistance in Afrin against the Turkish state, "the statement said, in which the founding of the so-called" Afrin Council "in the border town of Antep (Dîlok) by the Turkish secret service MIT was condemned: "The council founded for the interests of the Turkish state continues its betrayal by continuing to force the population of Afrin to live under occupation and plunder".

In addition, the Movement for a Democratic Society called on international organizations to fulfill their obligations to the people of Afrin, who are subjected to inhumane attacks and occupation by the invaders.

"We will always stand up for the resistance of Afrin and fulfill our responsibilities on the political and diplomatic level. We bow in deep attachment to the heroes who have fallen in the resistance. The resistance and will of the people will put the occupiers to flight.”