Afrin's refugee children in Shehba start school

Around 15,000 students will complete the academic year in the summer season.

The Democratic Society Education Committee of the Canton of Shehba (KPC-D) has started an education cycle for the children who were forced to migrate to Shehba after the attacks launched by the invading Turkish army and its ally mercenaries on Afrin.

The Education Committee has decided to open the education cycle following the request of the students and their families. The classes began for the students who couldn’t go to school in the second term of 2017-2018 academic year. Students will complete their second semester classes during the summer season.

Schools were opened in the villages of Ziyaret, Xirbikê, Burc Qas, Başimra, Zenerîtî and Eqîba in Sharawa; in the villages of Til Qerah, Til Sosin, Um Hosh, Um Qura, Kefer Qaris, Herbil, Kefer Nasih in Ehreh district and Kefer Naya and Til Rifat districts.

In the district of Fafin, schools were opened for students from Afrin in the villages of Eddas, Babinis, Elushi, Marata Muslima, Wehshiya, Mezra Wehshiya, Xernata, Hesacik, Qeramil, Werdiya, Hasîn, Til Shaîr, Helísa, Mezarî Helisa, Taana, Coba and Sêx Kîf.

The KPC-D confirmed that there are around 15,500 students.