FSA kills a doctor in Afrin, people take to the streets

Turkish-backed FSA gangs have murdered a doctor in Afrin. Local people took to the streets in protests, facing another attack by the gangs which left a woman dead.

Crimes committed by the Turkish forces and allied mercenaries in Afrin made the people revolt.

Wednesday morning, FSA mercenaries attempted to drive a doctor named Sami El Ferec out of his home. The doctor opposed the imposition and therewith he was murdered by the gangs. The news of execution spread all around the city in a short time. People gathered in front of the doctor’s house and expressed their reaction.

“We don’t want murderer gangs”, chanted the residents as they took the doctor’s body out of his home. The mass was attacked by the mercenaries as they started a march afterwards. One woman died and several people got injured as a result. The people did not leave the streets despite the attack but were forced to move away from from the city centre.

The Turkish state and allied mercenaries are systematically committing war crimes in Afrin region since the launch of invasion attacks on June 20. The invading forces entered the city centre on March 18 and hundreds of people have died afterwards.

Turkish troops and allied mercenaries then looted and bombed the people’s houses and seized their properties. Several historical structures were also subjected to this savagery.

Almost on daily basis are people kidnapped, tortured and have their properties seized by the invaders.

Human Rights Watch has also announced in a recent report that Turkish-backed groups seize and loot the properties of Kurdish civilians in Afrin.