Occupation forces in Afrin kidnap more people

A body has been found the village of Burc Ebdalo.

The mercenary groups linked to the occupying Turkish state have kidnapped 4 people in the village of Burc Ebdalo, in Afrin’s Sherawa district.

According to local sources among the abducted people was a person suffering from psychological problems.

On a separate information, sources also reported that a body was found in the village of Hemam village in the district of Jindires.

The inhuman attack on the civilian population in the city of Afrin is continuing with invading Turkish state and mercenary groups still plundering the city and surrounding areas.

The three people from the village of Burc Ebdalo are said to have been kidnapped by the mercenary group known as Furqat Al-Hamza, with links with the Turkish state.