SDF: Turkish army has made no advance for three days

SDF General Command stated that the Turkish state, which could make no advance despite intense airstrikes, is spreading fabricated news of propaganda on Afrin operation.

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) issued a statement about the attacks of the Turkish invasion attacks on Afrin and the general areas of Rojava and Northern Syria. The statement of the Syrian Democratic Forces General Command is as follows:

“Attacks of the Turkish state and its gangs on Afrin are continuing ceaselessly. Although this invasion has failed to achieve any progress on the ground till now the Turkish state media claims that its invading army has advanced by 8 km. On the contrary, violent clashes are taking place between SDF fighters and the invading Turkish army with its mercenaries along the border line.

In the early hours on Monday morning (January 22), our forces carried out simultaneous actions against two positions where the Turkish army’s gangs were situated. At least 6 gang members were killed in one of the positions, in addition to other casualties in other actions, the exact number of which couldn’t be clarified by our side.

In the morning of the same day, Turkish warplanes accompanied by scout planes carried out a large-scale attack alongside tanks. Fierce clashes erupted and continue between our forces and the gangs that want to invade Afrin with the support of aerial bombardments.

Repelled in northern Afrin, the gangs attempted an attack on Azaz line and intense clashes erupted in and around Dikmedas, Ayn Daqne and Minix villages upon the retaliation of our forces. Intense fighting continues.

In Afrin’s Bilbile district that was hit by airstrikes, Turkish army affiliated gangs attempted to capture Hill Bilbile and fighting erupted after the harsh response of our fighters. Violent clashes are ongoing.

In Rajo district, civilians were targeted once again.

Separately, attempts of the Turkish army affiliated gangs to capture Shiye district’s Xelile village and Hill Izahe were foiled. Fierce clashes are ongoing in this region as well.

During the clashes, three tanks of the Turkish army were damaged and 40 members of the Turkish army and allied gangs were killed.

The invading Turkish state, which could make no advance despite intense airstrikes, is spreading fabricated news of propaganda. Severe clashes are taking place in the villages the Turkish state claims to have captured. Along the border line, SDF, YPG/YPJ fighters, Asayish, Self Defense, Civil Defense forces and our people are mounting historic resistance shoulder to shoulder.

The invading Turkish army launched attacks against civilian settlements and positions of our forces in Serêkaniyê with snipers, tanks and missiles on January 22. Our forces retaliated the attack in kind. As a result of this attack, three fighters of ours were martyred and one other got wounded. In the same attack, three civilians suffered injuries.”

We emphasise once again that we, Syrian Democratic Forces, will not remain silent on the aggression of the Turkish state whatever the cost may be."