TEV-DEM issues call for Afrin

Turkish and mercenaries occupiers are increasing brutal violence on Afrin people

Political parties operating under the roof of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) published a press release on the violences and brutal attacks carried out by the occupying Turkish state and its mercenary members in Afrin.

The statement reiterated that invader Turkish state and mercenary allies are increasing their brutal violence agains the people left in Afrin, and underlined that in Afrin all the worst features of the territories subjected to the Islamic State can be seen.

The statement also underlined that the Turkish state and its mercenary allies continue to implement their policies aimed at changing the demographic composition of the region. "Every day, - TEV-DEM pointed out - the Turkish state and the mercenaries add torture to kidnap, plunder and violence. They aim at changing the demographic composition of the city and region, which is why they forced people out of their homes and settled mercenaries and their families". 

The statement continued: "The Turkish state has ordered school to use Turkish language in class and have changed the Kurdish names of shops and public institutions using Turkish instead. As if this were not enough the occupiers are now putting pressure on people to change their Kurdish first names. What we are witnessing in Afrin is a violence beyond humanity".

TEV-DEM also said that in fact the Turkish state and its mercenary allies have been encouraged by the silence of the international community to continue with impunity to carry out their aggression. The statement added that the Turkish state have no interest in protecting the freedom and liberties of the Syrian people, as it is showing in Northern Syria.

The statement ended with a call: "We are urging the international community to fulfill their responsibilities and act immediately to stop the inhuman violence in Afrin".