Turkish state allied gangs oppress people in Afrin

The gangs engaged in counterguerrilla activity in the Turkish state invaded Afrin force the residents to leave their homes, torture them and confiscate their property.

Following the Turkish state and their allied Al Nusra, FSA and ISIS gangs’ invasion attacks against Afrin, hundreds of thousands of people from Afrin were forced out of their homes. The Turkish state and the gangs looted the people’s property and burned down homes and villages of hundreds of families from Afrin. The gangs now carry out counterguerrilla activity in Afrin center and the villages, confiscating property and torturing the people arrested with various accusations.


Counter units Murad Sîno, Mistefa Ehmed Hecî Hiso, Ebu Aslan and Feysel Fuat Hemelîko who oppress and target the people have tortured dozens of civilians and confiscated property and crops from many.

Murad Sino has been in the FSA for the last 6 years, and is a tank operator in Afrin now. He tortures and oppresses people under various excuses. Mistefa Ehmed Hecî Hiso is a counterguerrilla unit who acts together with FSA gangs as they invade Afrin. Hiso has created a torture hall for the gangs to use against the citizens in the Hisinê village. Hiso has detained and questioned villagers, and murdered a mentally disabled citizen in the village.


Ebû Aslan, a FSA member of 7 years, lives in Azaz. Ebû Aslan has been tasked by the gangs to be responsible for the Mîrkan village. Feysel Fuat Hemelîko joined the gangs along with his cousin after they invaded Afrin, and now targets citizens in the Hisinê village. Feysel Fuat Hemelîko oppresses the villagers and is one of the prominent men who arrest and torture citizens. The gangs hold citizens of Afrin for ransom, like they did yesterday in the Hisinê village for Ehmed Hemo, his wife, mother in law and uncle. The abducted citizens haven’t been released yet.