Internationalist from the Hambi in the YPJ ranks

Elefterya Hambi is an internationalist in northern Syria and is fighting in the YPJ ranks. In an interview, she talks about her reasons why she decided to help create a new social model in Rojava.

The opportunity to participate in building the new social model in northern Syria is a motivation for many internationalists. Many of them have an anarchist left-wing background and see the model of a democratic, ecological and gender-neutral society as revolutionary. The implementation of Democratic Confederalism fascinates them as this new paradigm aims at the autonomy of society. It is not the state that manages society, but the society that determines itself. Thus, this idea represents the positive alternative to the capitalist society.

Elefterya was also fascinated by the new social system. Her nom de guerre means freedom and her surname Hambi symbolizes the location of the fight I waged at home.

In an interview with Welat Deniz of the ETHA news agency, the YPJ fighter talks about her reasons for joining the women's defense units and her desire to help build a new society in Rojava.

The whole interview with Elefterya Hambi can be found below: