Jineology meets indigenous people in Ecuador

As part of the lecture series on Jineolojî in Ecuador, members of the Jineology Academy met with members of the indigenous population and with representatives of the campesinos in Cuellaje and Cotacachi.

As part of the series of lectures on women's science Jineology in Ecuador, meetings with representatives of the indigenous population and the campesinos took place on 26 July in Cuellaje and on 27 July in Cotacachi.

The campesinos in Cuellaje, who make their living through agriculture and the production of organic fertilisers, actively participated in the popular uprising in Ecuador to protect their land. Canadian and Chilean corporations had begun to exploit and destroy the unique and fertile nature of the region known as Intag in order to extract mineral resources. The indigenous people who have lived in this region for centuries are resisting the destruction of their nature, which is their livelihood.

Emancipatory struggles must develop under the leadership of women

The women, who are also at the forefront of emancipatory struggles here, spoke out in favour of removing the PKK from the terror lists. They explained that the experiences from the Kurdish liberation struggle led by the women were very important for them.

Zilan Diyar from the Jineology Academy then stressed that all emancipatory struggles must develop under the leadership of women, otherwise the system would always find ways to reproduce itself and continue.

In Cotachachi, members of the Jineology Academy met with indigenous people and their cooperatives for a seminar. After a ritual held in the Quechua language, they introduced Jineology and reported on the experiences of the Kurdish liberation movement.