Jinkart, facilitating freedom of movement for women

In order to make it easier for women to participate in public life, "Jinkart" project has been introduced in Kurdish cities in Turkey. The municipal projects for women that were shut down under state administration are being reactivated.

In order to make it easier for women to participate in public life, "Jinkart" project has been introduced in DEM-governed cities. In Siirt (Sêrt), the card issued to women by the city administration offers reduced fares on public transport. In addition to providing financial support to women, it is also intended to encourage the use of public transport. The price of a ticket on city transport is normally 9 Turkish Liras, but, with the Jinkart, women only pay six and a half TL. As co-mayor Sofya Alağaş announced, the Jinkart is just one of the projects planned for women in Siirt, and further plans are coming.

Projects for women in Van

In Van (Wan), the Jinkart is also intended to provide free access to cultural events. Services for women and children that were abolished under the state trustees are being re-established, and the city is offering courses in education and culture. Before the trustees, there was the "Center for Women and Life" in Van. The center was founded during the mandate of co-mayors Hatice Çoban and Bekir Kaya, who were later deposed by the Turkish Interior Minister and who has now been in prison for eight years. There were various programs to help women achieve economic independence, combat violence against women, and conduct women's research.

Co-mayor Neslihan Şedal, elected on 31 March together with Abdullah Zeydan, wants to build on the work of that time and sees the Jinkart as a continuation of these projects. "We have already gained experience in this area in the past and want to expand the range of services on offer," said the co-mayor at a city council meeting and continued: "Last month we passed a collective agreement in which women are given special consideration. There are special days off for women on 25 November and 8 March and also one day off a month during menstruation. Many other projects are being planned, so the Department for Women and Family will be expanded. We want to open cooperatives and workshops for all kinds of products as soon as possible. And we will set up machines on the streets where women can buy sanitary pads and other supplies for women. Women's shelters have been closed under the trustee administration. We are working hard to reopen them and continue our fight against violence against women."

There is a serious problem of poverty and unemployment in Van and women are particularly affected by this in all areas of life, said Neslihan Şedal, adding that the Jinkart is intended to give women freedom of movement and facilitate their participation in public life.