Orchid Group: Murals to develop street art on the walls of Rojava

The Orchid Group aims to develop street art with the murals on the walls of Rojava. Members of the group have accelerated their efforts to color the streets.

Painter Samir Tahir Kalo (33), founder of the Orchid Group, said that street art is an art form that can reach all segments of society and in this way, people can meet art more closely. Kalo emphasized that street art is an important platform for young artists in the region to express themselves.

The Orchid Group aims to develop street art with the murals they paint on the walls in the region. Members of the group have accelerated their work to color the streets and make them a part of the daily life of the society. The Orchid Group, which generally uses nature, history and culture elements in its paintings, aims to reflect the rich cultural heritage and natural beauties of the region with its arts.

Art reflects the voice of society

Samir Tahir Kalo, the founding member and instructor of the group, is a painter who started drawing at the age of 14 and improved his art with the exhibitions and painting competitions he participated in. Samir's goal, which also provides special training, is for the Orchid Group to become even more professional in 2024. Samir summarized why he started drawing as follows: “I feel my soul relax while drawing. Being a painter made my life easier. It makes me happy to convey my feelings to the society through painting and to be the voice of the society."

Protecting cultural values

The Orchid Group, consisting of 7 women and 7 men, was founded on 24 June, said Samir adding that they operate in Northern and Eastern Syria, but currently they can only paint in Qamishlo. However, he said they will go to other cities in the coming period. “I give training in the Orchid Group. Our goal is to work professionally and increase our number in 2024. We have to prove ourselves. For the first time, an organized group was formed with this issue and such huge pictures. We drew many murals on the walls in Qamishlo. We are approaching New Year's Eve now. That's why we colored the walls with symbols representing New Year's Eve. Previously, on special days such as 8 March and 21 March, Newroz, we drew pictures on the walls showing the meaning and importance of those days. Peoples and religions live together in Northern and Eastern Syria. We are also trying to protect the values of the people."

Making our cities more beautiful

Kalosaid: “We draw pictures on darkened and crumbling walls and brighten the walls with our paintings. We make our cities more beautiful. We want to be a hope for the new generation, and we want them to look to the future with hope, love and affection through the murals we draw on the wall. People are happy when they see our drawings, and we receive positive reactions. We provide all the materials needed for the Orchid Group ourselves. The materials we use are very expensive, it is difficult for the group to afford it on their own, but no one has provided financial support so far.”

Kalo said that the people of Northern and Eastern Syria demand peace, freedom and equality, and underlined that they express these demands in their paintings. Samir Tahir Kalo added: “Everyone should do whatever they can to make our cities more beautiful. As painters, we must prove ourselves in this regard. Could there be anything better than an activity that makes children happy, brings peace to the artist, and spreads hope to the city? We will continue to create art that points to peace and freedom, raises awareness in the protection of ecology, expresses the revolution, displays women's resistance, and touches the hearts of children."