Silgir calls on women to support the TJA campaign in Urfa

Fatime Silgir, a TJA activist from Urfa, called on all women to take part and support the 6-month campaign they started with the slogan "Towards freedom with Jin Jiyan Azadi".

The Free Women's Movement (Tevgera Jinên Azad-TJA) launched a campaign that will last until 8 March, International Women's Day, with the slogan "Towards freedom with Jin, Jiyan, Azadi".

In the text of the campaign, the absolute isolation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, special war policies, femicide, ecological plunder and pressure on the mother tongue were exposed. Within the scope of the campaign, women will travel from village to village, district to district and organize a series of actions and events.

Urfa (Riha) TJA activist Fatime Silgir told ANF that their aim with the campaign is to reach more women. She said that they want to highlight women's social position and power more, and added that they believe that women should play their role and mission more strongly in the political and social struggle.

Silgir said: "We say that women are not alone in family and social life." She added that they started the campaign in order to increase solidarity and sharing, to lead and guide people to live their daily lives in line with their culture, to ensure that they are the subjects of the struggle, and to raise awareness against rotten and corrupt relationships.

Providing information about the action and event calendar in the campaign, Silgir said: "During our campaign, we will carry out talks and awareness activities among women for the 25 November Day of Solidarity and Fight Against Violence Against Women. We will commemorate Sara [Sakine Cansiz] and her comrades who were murdered in Paris on 9 January 2013 and bring the spirit and practices of struggle to women. We will meet with women in their homes. We will celebrate 8 March, and we will reach out to every segment of society. We will play an active role in local elections. We will participate in Newroz events in the strongest possible way."

Silgir called on women "to build a new life. Freedom of society is possible with the freedom of women. Let's expand our common fight against all forms of violence."